Sunday, June 1, 2008

Make Japanese compatible a non Japanese Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2005)

This blog explains you how to modify your non Japanese Pocket PC so you could browse our online Japanese dictionaries at or any other Japanese sites.


  • Internet connectable home computer

  • WM5 based PDA or smartphone with a sufficient free internal memory (c.a. 10M byes)

  • corresponding flash memory card and connection device via usb port

Please note that since this procedure modifies system files of your pocket PC and there is no reverse methods excepting for a hard reset which should restore the factory setting by deleting everything, you have to go further if you really need a Japanese environment. Having a backup of important files may be useful as always.

First, download the following files onto your home computer, unzip them if necessary, and copy them to the memory card of your Pocket PC through a usb cable.

Launch "File Explorer" on your Pocket PC and browse to the memory card. Click on "" to install Japanese version of GSFinder onto the internal memory (choose "Device"). Click on "" to install a Japanese environment onto the internal memory. Click on "BttMon_WM5[1].arm.CAB" to install BatteryMonitor onto the internal memory.

Launch "GSFinder" on your Pocket PC and open "Temp" directory. Since Japanese environment has not yet been activated, all the Japanese characters are replaced by small squares. Copy wince.ncl by clicking on "copy icon" just right of "scissors icon". Go to "Windows" directory and paste wince.ncl by clicking on "paste icon" just right of "copy icon". At this point, you should receive an incomprehensible warning message. Click on a button at the first row left.

Launch again "File Explorer" and copy reloadnls.exe from the memory card to "Windows/Startup" directory. This name may be different in other languages. For example, "Startup" is replaced by "Démarrage" in French version. You should respond by "Yes" to a warning message.

Delete wince.ncl from "Temp" directory by responding by "Yes" to a warning message.

You have now to perform a soft reset by pushing a small hole on your Pocket PC or clicking on the icon of BatteryMonitor at the top of screen. If you choose the latter method, you should receive again an incomprehensible message, for Japanese environment has not been activated. Click on a button at the second row left.

Wait one minute or so to see your Pocket PC initialized and Japanese environment activated. You should notice today's date displayed now in Japanese. Launch "Internet Explorer" and browse our online Japanese directory at to see Japanese characters correctly displayed.